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Is it real or is it a Mirage?

Is it real or is it a Mirage?
High Tech Marine's Mirage @ 100 mph

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fishing line damage to gear case.

Give your gearcase a quick check. With the boat on the trailer and outboard in neutral, give the prop a spin. The high-viscosity lube in the outboard gearcase should arrest the motion of the prop quickly. If the prop spins free, however, the lube could be diluted with water.

Pull the prop off and most likely you will find fishing line wrapped around the prop shaft. This will destroy the carrier bearing seal and can cause damage to the prop shaft as well. The prop should be removed atleast every few trips to check for this. Call 832-385-9970 to schedule mobile outboard repair. We come to you!(

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ethanol will ruin your engine

Ethanol Will Ruin Your Outboard Motor's Performance

Ethanol fuel blends are making their way to our neighborhoods.

Read what the National Marine Manufacturers Association recommends in this article on the current Lawsuit over Ethanol Fuel and its effects on your motor.

The characteristics of ethanol, even when blended in ratios of as little as 10 percent, are:
Attracts and absorbs moisture from the air. Boaters will likely face more fuel contamination issues from water absorbed through their fuel tank vents.
Dissolves some solid materials (and can loosen any corrosion), varnish or cause oxidation in steel and aluminum tanks - commonly found in fuel tanks, thereby contaminating the fuel.
Ethanol has been known to dissolve components of the fuel system itself. Modern fuel hoses are made to withstand the effects of ethanol exposure.
Can react chemically with MTBE fuel blends, causing additional contamination.
Fuel blends using as much as 10 percent ethanol are appropriate for use in all of Yamaha's current outboard models. Yamaha does not recommend the use of fuels with higher concentrations of ethanol (E85, which contains 85 percent ethanol) or any other fuel blend that contains more than 10 percent ethanol.