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Is it real or is it a Mirage?

Is it real or is it a Mirage?
High Tech Marine's Mirage @ 100 mph

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boater's Fall Blessing

Tip’s for Boaters @ High Tech Marine
By Keith Hinze

Editor’s note: Keith is a Bayou Vista “Ex-Patriot”, Owner of High Tech Marine, a Yamaha Certified Technician and has his college degree in Welding Technology. He has over 30 years experience in the boating business. He is owner/operator of High Tech Marine a mobile dockside marine repair service. High Tech Marine is proud to start our second successful year in business.

Boater's Blessing
May there always be water under your boat,
May she always be seaworthy, ever afloat,
May the bilge pump be certain to work night and day,
May the compass and charts always show the safe way,
May you find gentle harbor as every day ends,
May you lower your anchor amidst peace and good friends.

True Nautical Terms

Here are some definitions for the nautical terms you will undoubtedly encounter during your life as a boater.

Aboard - A piece of lumber that may be used to repair your boat.

Adrift - A method of moving across the water when nothing on your boat works. You normally do not have a lot of input as to where you are actually going, but you can get there.

Anchor - A mechanical device that is supposed to keep the boat in one place (see dragging). These devices are sometimes used to submerge expensive anchor lines and chain when used without proper termination at both ends of the anchor line.

Astern - A type of look. Your spouse gives you a stern look when you attempt to buy things for your new boat.

Bilge - This is a storage area in the bottom of the boat for all the things you dropped and can’t find. Also a mixing area for water, fuel and head output; making retrieval of said dropped items a real adventure.

Bilge pump - An electrical device designed to remove the charge from your batteries. These devices only operate properly when the boat is not taking on water.

Capsize - They ask you this when you go to buy a hat or baseball cap.

Deck - This is what your spouse will do to you after discovering how much money you have spent on the boat without first obtaining permission.

Dock - A medical professional, not sure why the term shows up in a nautical dictionary.

Head1 - It is the part of your body that sits on top of your neck; you should not be buying a boat unless you already know this. Also useful for storing items like hats, sunglasses and such.

Head2 – The shipboard equivalent of a bathroom.

Heave - A shipboard method for eliminating lunch when seas become rough. This is best done in proximity of a gunwale.

Keys - These items are used for opening locks and lockers aboard your boat, starting the engine and things of that nature. Keys can usually be found in the water beneath your boat. Also a place in Florida.

No Wake Zone - An area of a waterway in which you are prohibited from waking people who may be sleeping.

Overboard - A term describing the final resting-place for anything expensive dropped while on board a boat.

Port – This is what you drink when you are on the boat. Also the left side of the boat, also a place where boats congregate.

Rock - These are devices used to remove rudders from boats. Also what your boat does just after you fill all your glasses to the brim with port.

Topsides – The part of the boat that is not in the water. Also what you should not be caught looking at if you are a married male.
Wave – A unique feature of water that enables it to gain entry into your boat.

That is all for this month. Hope someone gets a grin out of the nautical terms that were shared with me. As always, call 832.385.970 if you have any boating questions and I will do my best to answer your questions. September is our $65 per our special rate for residents of Bayou Vista and Omega bay with no call out charge which is up to $100.00 value. See you on the lake.

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