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Is it real or is it a Mirage?

Is it real or is it a Mirage?
High Tech Marine's Mirage @ 100 mph

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boater DIY's Winter Maintenance

Boater’s Tips for DIY’ers
By Keith Hinze High Tech Marine

Editor note: Keith is a Bayou Vista “Ex-Patriot”, owner of High Tech Marine, a Yamaha/OMC certified technician and has his college degree in Welding Technology. Keith is also owner and operator of EyePaint specializing in custom paint work on boats, fiberglass and gel-coat repair.
High Tech Marine is celebrating our first full year in business and would like to thank everyone in Bayou Vista for all the support and the warm welcome into your great community. High Tech Marine is full of gratitude and we are looking forward to another great year working with all you boaters. To celebrate our first year we are offering again our great fall rate of $65 per hour and no service call charge.

Winter Maintenance

Now that summer has come and gone, boaters should remember that fall is a great time to take care of all the issues you might have been putting off from the summer usage of your boat. Have High Tech Marine come to your boat and check off the maintenance issue from this check list:

It’s easier to maintain than fix. Following simple

maintenance procedures on a regular basis helps

ensure proper operation and maintains the value of your outboard.

• Your boat’s ready when you are. Regular

maintenance helps make sure your boat’s ready

at a moment’s notice.

• Nobody wants a boating hassle. Spending a

relatively small amount of time making sure your

outboard’s in proper condition means hours of

trouble-free enjoyment.

Winterize Check List

Change the lubricant in engine transmission or the outboard lower unit

Apply fogging if called for by manufacturer

Drain the boat's fuel tanks as much as possible

Fill the boat’s fuel tanks completely full

Add biocide and/or stabilizing agents to fuel

Change the fuel filters

Add antifreeze to the engine’s cooling system

Also remember to clean and protect your gelcoat. By cleaning and protecting your gelcoat you also help to protect the integrity of your boat. Special cleaners are recommended. To remove dirt and mild stains, many fiberglass cleaners are available at marine supply stores. There are many types of specialty cleaners, including some with wax to protect the gelcoat.
As always if you have any questions for the Yamaha/OMC certified marine mechanic, feel free to email High Tech Marine at Come visit our website at See you on the water soon

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